What it is

At Future's Market we:

  1. Interface with the vast data stores of knowledge about an individual that exist in the various surveillance networks.
  2. Combine cutting edge machine learning and AI techniques with those data stores.
  3. Rewrite our customers' digi-realities.

Remember, as we like to say here at Future's Market, "What you do with your digi-reality, is your business! But it can also be ours!".


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Q: What is the future?

A: The future is the "time" in which the waymarker of the present has been moved forward, thus rendering the present into a new material known commonly as "the past". Since time immemorial, mankind has concerned itself with the future. Scholars, philosophers, and great minds have pondered its nature, but it is only recently that we as a collective species have begun to understand this mysterious substance.

Q: Why should I shop at Future's Market?

A: Future's Market is here to help with any of the myriad of life's withering hardships.

Q: What types of services can Future's Market provide me?

A: At the moment Future's Market currently offers six distinct services. We provide personality reassignments, bionetic scrying, garbage readings, biometric scrambling, infrastructural scrambling, and affect juice jars. In all of these services we make use of the ever-present internet of things infrastructure to influence your future in subtle yet powerful ways.

Q: But what is this really?

A: I don't know what you mean.


Project by Alden Rivendale Jones.